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Thoughtful Design for a Sustainable Future


I am interested in integrating sustainable practice and living environments in a way that enhances the human experience of a space. The environment can give back to living requirements, and living behaviors can promote the growth of a healthy ecosystem. Through thoughtful integration and careful balance of characteristics specific to each project, I hope to produce spaces that are a joy to live in and benefit all parts of a community.


Sustainable communities emerge through engaging a building, its occupants, and the overall culture with the surrounding environment and ecosystem. Therefore, I hope to create living spaces that are a functional machine but also have soul and resonate with daily human behavior.


I also want to explore how technology and materials improve the ecological aspects of a living space by making the benefits tangible, accessible, and attractive. Materials that people can touch and relate to as well as renewable sources that can be gauged and influenced by human behavior will help quantify the benefits, allowing occupants to engaged with the environment through daily behavior.


The world provides everything we need to live. Through architecture, I hope to try to restore and maintain balance to this delicate order. Identifying the best ways to integrate sustainability into living spaces while maintaining quality in human experience will be a fundamental building block on which to build our living environment for the future.


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